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The Nurturing Mama is . . .

Guiding our child “in the fear and admonition of the Lord.”  Motherhood is the most thrilling and terrifying thing I have ever undertaken, yet it is the most fulfilling.  I have so much to learn as I grow with my daughter.

Tending our home and haven in Birmingham, Alabama. I want our home to be a place of warmth, comfort, laughter, and family; where friends come and celebrate life with us.

Nourishing my family with good, wholesome food. Cooking is my passion, and the kitchen is my studio. There I try to create meals using whole foods that are as close to natural as possible.  I try to purchase food that is local, sustainable, and organic while keeping to a tight budget.

Cultivating my garden, for both nutritious food and gorgeous blooms. Life seems more full with sweat on my brow, dirt underneath my fingernails, and a basket full of veggies that I’ve grown myself. So many lessons can be learned while working in the garden.

Creating handmade items for beauty and purpose. I love textile crafts–quilting, sewing, knitting and cross-stitching.  While I don’t get to do these tasks often with a little one underfoot, the feeling of fabric and thread running through my fingers is so satisfying.

Reflecting on the amazing grace of God my Savior, and the wonderful (but far from perfect) life He has given to me. An introvert at heart, I thrive on recounting all that has happened in life, and how I’m growing into the woman God wants me to be.

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