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Summer Has Overstayed Its Welcome

September 23, 2010

This is the first summer since the 4 year long one we endured while in Houston that I’ve enjoyed the season. After a lingering chill the previous winter, the warm and sunny days were a pleasure–we sipped lots of iced tea, swam in our new baby pool, and vacationed up north when the heat became unbearable. Now, with the ever present 90 degree days and not a raincloud in site, I’m ready for a change.

My garden is parched–many things haven’t survived the past month of little rain and blazing sun. Our poor grass is a crispy brown, and only the weeds have a hint of green. I’m aching to get my hands dirty again. Fall planting is calling my name. I’m dreaming of lettuce and garlic; cabbage and turnips; mums and pansies. Maybe even a new tree or two. But it will have to wait, as none of these fall beauties will survive if planted too soon.

I’m longing for piping hot soups with crusty homemade sourdough bread. I’ve been perusing over soup recipes that look amazingly good, especially these with mushrooms or pumpkin. I’m eager to fill my home with spices and cider and apples, but it just wouldn’t satisfy in this never-ending summer.

I bought a cute pair of boots almost a month ago to wear as the weather chills, and I’ve been aching to get them on my feet. Every time I do, however, my poor legs begin dripping in sweat. I’m eager for handmade sweaters, and warm socks, and tights with my dresses, but these too will have to wait.

Blustery nights, hot tea, and cuddles-under-a-blanket are just a dream. Maybe, hopefully, sometime soon summer will fade.

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  1. November 14, 2010 10:13 PM

    Has it gotten cold yet, Beth? It is chilly here!

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