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Housekeeping Schedule

May 31, 2010

I think it’s a great idea for every mama to have a weekly schedule for housekeeping tasks, but finding one that works can be a challenge. I’m in the process of shifting my schedule right now and thought that it would be good to hash out ideas as I try to figure out what works for me.

My Old Schedule: My main goal with this original plan was to spread out the various cleaning tasks during the week, so I would only have to spend a small amount of time cleaning each day. Laundry and vacuuming have been fairly easy to keep on top of, but all the other tasks get pushed aside and sometimes are not even done that week. (My bathrooms and kitchen are atrociously messy!)

Monday: Vacuum

Tuesday: Library/Bathrooms

Wednesday: Kitchen

Thursday: Dust/Vacuum

Friday: Bible Study/Change sheets/Meal plan

Saturday: Grocery shop

Every day: Laundry

I like how this works on paper, but it just doesn’t work for me in real life. I tend to have a very difficult time starting a task, but once I start I do really well. So I’ve decided to move the yucky tasks to one day, with the thought that once I get started, what energy I have in motion will stay in motion. I’ve left the vacuuming in the same spot since those days work so well for me. I also would love to have a weekly baking day where I can set aside time for freezer meals, or even something simple like a batch of muffins. I also made space for an “odd job,” like chores that need to be done, but not weekly.

New Schedule:

Monday: Bible Study/Vacuum

Tuesday: Library

Wednesday: Kitchen/Bathroom/1 Odd Job/Change Sheets

Thursday: Vacuum/Meal Plan

Friday: Groceries

Saturday: Baking Day

I’ll probably tweak this again once I’ve implemented the new schedule. I’ve already skipped  today’s tasks to leave for tomorrow, so here’s hoping I can get on top of things. 🙂

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  1. June 16, 2010 9:21 PM

    Once, a while ago you mentioned in a comment on my blog that you vacuum twice per week. And I remember thinking “Beth is my housekeeping hero.” I also think a schedule is a good idea. I’ll be in the process of working one out soon. Isn’t it amazing how many things there are to clean/keep up with?

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