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Life in Bullet Points

May 16, 2010
  • I’ve rectified the situation I mentioned here. Last week Maddie and I planted the whole bundle of seeds–cucumbers, melons, squash, pumpkins, beans, tomatoes, peppers, and herbs. Whew! Maddie has discovered a new love of the garden hose. We have one of those sprayer attachments that she loves to stick her hands in. We can’t even walk past the thing without her asking for a squirt.
  • Reason #314 on why I hate driving:  On my way home from church a few weeks ago, torrential rain started as we were barreling down the highway. I was driving, as Stu was on call. The car in front of us spun out, which was quite scary! At first I was confused as to why the SUV was turning left, but then saw him spin into the wall and do a 360 back into my lane. Praise God that I was far enough behind to brake in time, and that no one was behind me!
  • Reason #315 on why I hate driving:  Our car has been having  issues over the past few weeks, involving several trips to the dealership for repairs. Oh the joys of car-ownership!  At first, the gauge to the water pump was busted, so Maddie and I had to wait an hour and a half for the car to be fixed. A few weeks later, the check engine light came back on, and it turns out that the whole water pump needed to be replaced. At least we had recently purchased a second car–I can’t imagine dealing with car trouble with only one car!
  • I’m enjoying the wonderful produce coming in this spring. We went to the opening weekend of our farmers market last Saturday, and it was busy but so much fun! Lots and lots of gorgeous produce, and most important of all is the ruby-red strawberries. Those things are like baby crack–Maddie could eat a whole pound by herself in one sitting if I let her. We’re enjoying all the fresh summer squash, spring onions, crisp lettuce, and new potatoes now. I made an egg dish with all the bounty, and I hope to post the recipe soon!
  • I’ve been struggling to keep on top of all the chores around the house, so I’m hoping to create a new game plan that will help motivate me to tackle the tasks. My thoughts are still vague at the moment , so I may hash them out here.
  • I’ve been knitting (of course!) and I’ve recently completed a few projects. I may do a comprehensive post to update about the progress.

So hopefully I’ve whet your appetite for more to come!

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