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April 30, 2010

One thing that most knitters love about their craft is the shopping and collecting of yarn.  It seems that many of the die-hard knitters have baskets and baskets of beautiful skeins just waiting to be used. I’ve always been interested in yarn, but more for the feel of it through my fingers rather than using it for a project. Once I picked up knitting, though, I can’t stop browsing for yarn! There are so many gorgeous yarns on the market now, and my favorites are the beautiful handpainted ones that use different tones of the same color. I’ve been planning several projects ahead of myself now, and if I purchase the yarns I would like it would get quite expensive!

So anyway, I found this adorable little online yarn shop through my searches in Ravelry. This little shop carries tons of gorgeous hand-painted yarns in so many beautiful colors. Not only that, but their selection is outstanding–the carry a large variety of colors for every brand.

I’ve put a referral button on my sidebar for those of you who would love to check the website out! Plus, I get bonus points added to my account for every click through.

Now hopefully I can stop talking about knitting!

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