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O Daffodils, How I’ve Missed Thee

March 19, 2010

The world is waking up! Glistening white daffodils are beginning to open outside my door, while teeny-tiny jonquils are brightening the street with sunny yellow down the way. My clematis is beginning to sprout tiny leaves, and my rosebushes just arrived in the mail with a tinge of green to their stems. This is why I love winter–the bitter cold and hunkering down in quilted blankets makes way for the gentle awakening in spring. I’ve missed this so much while living in Houston, where the winters are too mild for hardy bulbs to grow. The seasons don’t seem to shift there–the temperature varies a little, but the landscape remains more or less the same.

Spring is like a symphony to me, with each flower joining the chorus as the season moves on. First, camellias put on a show to brighten the dead of winter. Snowdrops and crocus awaken, with the daffs and forsythia not far behind. (I had forgotten the fiery forsythia until moving back here. The beautiful gold fronds look like sunbeams to me.) Soon, Bradford pears will be joining the song; their buds are already swelling here in the South. I look forward to the dogwood and azaleas taking the stage in a few more weeks. Then summer hits, with a full riot of flowering things.

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m ready to move on from the cold air, roasted root veggies, heavy coats, and short days. Not so long now until fresh strawberries make their appearance. No other edible says spring to me than the strawberry. I can’t wait for the first juicy bite. I’m hoping to go strawberry picking once the season begins (May, I think). And I’m even ready for summer, with the bounty of produce and flowers in my garden and the market.

The return of the farmers market is the thing I look forward to the most, but it still won’t reopen until May. I was so spoiled with the year round one in Houston! Juicy peaches, flavorful tomatoes and peppers and basil are only a few short months away!

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