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Computer Fast Update

March 12, 2010

If  you remember back in this post, I decided to cut back on my computer time in the days leading up to Easter. I was feeling lazy and overwhelmed by the amount of time it would suck out of my days. My goal was to try to only be on the computer when Maddie was asleep, where I would take care of any work, blogging, and surfing.

Now that I’ve been doing this for a month, it felt time for a reevaluation. Overall, I think it’s been much harder than I thought! The first week I was full of gusto and very easily put the laptop away. I spent time early morning in the Word, then cleaned house and played with Maddie more during the day. The next week, I found it much more difficult to read my Bible, but I still kept the computer away until 8. After that however, everything has been falling apart. I started getting on the computer just for little snippets here and there, mainly to work on a project Stu needed me to complete. The past few days, I’ve been on for at least an hour surfing while Maddie vegged in front of the TV, even though I wasn’t on Google Reader.

I’ve realized more and more that I can’t do this on my own. My own weakness glares in front of me so much when I see how often I yield to my desire for screen time. I also see just how often I give in to temptation, not just in this area, but in many others in my life. It makes me realize just how much I need a Savior; that I can’t save myself by my own efforts. I know that seems so obvious, but I forget so often that it helps to reiterate it. 🙂

So now I want to recommit to my computer fast for another month. I feel that overall, even though I often fail, it has been very beneficial and I hope to possibly continue with it after Easter is past.

I’ll post another update once the computer fast is done, with all of my thoughts and reflections.

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