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Monogrammed Artwork

March 9, 2010

Interior decorating is usually on the backburner when it comes to my priorities in this stage of life, but I’m hoping to slowly and surely create a lovely home for my family. My primary focus right now is Maddie’s room, since baby rooms are such fun, and I have free reign to decorate how I want. I originally wanted to paint her room a soft green, but I have since decided not to repaint in our house. Since we will most likely only be here three years, it didn’t seem worthwhile to repaint after a fresh professional job.

The color, however, doesn’t really say “baby.” It’s a putty color; very warm and soothing in our living room, but too mature for a baby room. So, it’s been interesting trying to find pieces to make her room pretty and sweet.

Well, I should be starting with the furniture, but I want to highlight some artwork I completed for her. Later I will go through other aspects of her room.

I love to scour baby stores for cute accessories, and there are so many really adorable decorations out now, but the price of most of it makes me shudder!  So, I picked up some canvases during after Christmas sales and made these cute paintings.

I noticed a lot of my friends here with monogrammed items for the wee ones, and I thought it was so cute. Maybe it’s a Southern thing? Anyway, I love how these look, especially the patchwork feel to them. I didn’t get her hands centered as much as I would have liked, but they’re still cute nonetheless.

What do you think?

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