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Attempted Baking Day

March 8, 2010

This past Monday was set aside for a baking day, but due to the stomach bug it had to be postponed to Saturday. So, I gathered all my ingredients and set to work on several recipes, some old and some new.

My original plan was to make granola bars, homemade granola, chocolate chip cookie dough for the freezer, and Parmesan cheese crackers. After Maddie’s and my breakfast, I set to work on the granola, since it required the longest baking time. I figured I could prep the other things while the granola baked. After getting the granola in the oven and mixing together the ingredients for the bars, I took a quick detour and showered, then watched TV while waiting for the granola to finish.

Then I checked on the granola. Not done. I threw in the laundry. Rechecked the granola. Still not done. Vacuumed, then checked. Guess what was still not done? So I set the temp higher, then made a quick trip to the store to buy the raisins that mysteriously vanished from my cabinets. Came home. Still not done. Bleh.

So much for grand plans, eh?

I gave up on the cookies and crackers and I plan on doing them another day. I had to go pick up Stu from work before the granola products were done, so once I got home, back in they went.

Anyway, they finally finished, and I set them out to cool. The granola, surprisingly, came out awesome–I can’t wait to eat this yummy goodness on yogurt in the mornings. The granola bars, not so much. I tried a new recipe, and they were terrible. I can’t think of any way to salvage them.

So, with all my plans, all I got done was the granola. Which took 4 hours to cook. I’d love to try another baking day in the next few weeks, but maybe I won’t be quite so ambitious.

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