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Winter Warm Ups

February 12, 2010

Patio in the snow

Now that the snow is falling steadily outside, a mug of something hot is in order.  Besides coffee and tea, what else is there for a hot drink?

Hot Chocolate: The quintessential cold weather drink. For a wonderful homemade version, try my Hot Chocolate recipe.

Spiced Chai: Another favorite of my husband’s and mine lately is hot spiced Chai.  This is a hot Indian tea traditionally served with honey and milk.  The black Chai from the Republic of Tea is excellent. To make Chai, heat the water in a teakettle until boiling (or use a microwave).  Steep the Chai for 5 minutes or longer, in order to make a very strong brew.  Sweeten with honey and add half-and-half for a traditional preparation. I think a spicy gingersnap would be a wonderful accompaniment for this drink.

Hot apple cider: This beverage is wonderful during the fall and winter months. Another fall treat, such as a pumpkin muffin, would be very good alongside the cider.

Mulled Wine: For adults, try Mulled Wine.  I haven’t made this myself, but this version looks very intriguing.

Chicken Broth: For something unconventional, fill your mug up with a savory homemade chicken broth, seasoned with a little bit of sea salt.  This is so good when I’ve got an abundance in the house, and the sound of something sweet is unappealing. Since I usually make a new batch of broth every two weeks, I usually have enough leftover for a mugful.  I don’t recommend this so much with canned broth, as it will be too salty to drink.

My favorite winter warm up? Curling up on the couch with my sweetie in front of a roaring fire.  (Too bad our gas fireplace is not working!)

What do you like to drink to stay warm? Anything I’m missing from my list?

Stay tuned for some wonderful recipes for Valentine’s Day! If you’re still undecided as to what to prepare for your Valentine, check back tomorrow for some ideas.

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